With the F-5E & F AIRCRAFT flying more than twice their expected service life of the major components of the main and nose landing gear are beginning to require complete replacement of the costly components – pistons and cylinders. The costs of procuring newly manufactured main landing gear results in high costs and long lead times.

Through research at COC Aerospace, we discovered MIL-STD-3021 Materials Deposition, Cold Spray.
This standard develops the manufacturing process controls for a cold spray operation utilizing a high-velocity jet of solid-phase particles. The jet temperatures are below the melting thresholds of many engineering materials. This allows the process to be used to apply deposits on a wide variety of substrates, such as, alloys, ceramics, and plastics. Moreover, the deleterious effects of deposit oxidation, evaporation, and residual stresses are avoided. The cold spray deposition process has significant differences from thermal spray coating technologies such as high velocity oxy-fuel (HVOF), detonation gun, plasma spray, flame spray, and arc spray.
In summary, we can perform repairs on damaged or cracked housing, damaged threads, broken tabs of components, then re-machine and process.
All Cold Spray is performed through our Partner MOOG and its Moog, Inc. Cold Spray Center of Excellence. COC Aerospace landing gear reconstruction is certified to MIL-STD-3012 and AS9100 Rev ’C’.